Salter Seminar 2021: Gatwick Detainees

“I didn’t know such things could happen in this country”, was one appalled reaction to watching the attached video about the ‘indefinite’ detention of Gatwick detainees. The video shows this year’s Salter Seminar, presented to the Quaker Socialist Society on Zoom at the end of November by Anna Pincus. The title of the seminar was: “Creating welcome to counter the hostile environment for people in detention“.  Anna is Director of the Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group, a group which aims to improve the welfare and well being of people held in indefinite immigration detention at the facilities near Gatwick Airport run by SERCO. Anna’s group offers friendship and support to the detainees, some of whom are detained for years, and also tries to secure fair treatment.

This is the link:!BOzmqALjpLL-gZMCBz43zbciXcGQCA?e=qX1QO2JAxkic7rmoUO6jIA&at=9