Universities and Colleges on Strike: Dec 1st-3rd.

The Committee of the Quaker Socialist Society has issued this statement, prepared by Laurence Hall: “Quaker Socialists have always sought to live our faith by witnessing to and struggling against exploitation and inequality.

Insecure contracts, heavy workloads, low and decreasing pay, poor pensions and sizeable inequalities of race, gender & class that so define much of our economy are just such injustices we as Quakers are called to resist.

Our spiritual testimonies of equality, peace, simplicity and integrity demand that we stand in solidarity with one of the few British trade unions taking national sector-wide strike action against the horrors of precarious work that so badly affect their workplaces. Therefore, we the committee of the Quaker Socialist Society stand in solidarity with the members of the University & College Union in their national strike on 1st, 2nd and 3rd December 2021.

https://www.ucu.org.uk/article/11894/Following-the-action Follow all this week’s strike action and post your solidarity messages and picketline pics with #OneOfUsAllOfUs or #UCUStrikeUCU.ORG.UKFollowing the action!Live highlights on the action in higher education over pay & conditions and USS pens