The Salter Lectures

Our annual lecture is named after pioneering Quaker Socialists Ada and Alfred Salter, and takes place as part of the programme of Britain Yearly Meeting.

2021: Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge

“Quaker values in South Africa’s Struggle

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2020: Stuart Masters

“Heaven on Earth”

2019: Catherine West MP

“Solutions for a Divided Society”

2018: Diana Jeater

Bearing Witness or Bearing Whiteness?: Britain, Africa and Quakers

2017: Molly Scott Cato MEP

Brexit, Chilcott, and the role of conscience in public life

2016: Lynn Morris

Red Flag over Bermondsey: The Ada Salter Story

2015: Jude Kirton Darling MEP

Trade Deals: realistic concerns or rabble-rousing?

2014: Richard Murphy

Tax Justice: A Quaker’s Concern

2013: Ed Mayo

Raising the sails for when the wind changes

2012: Danny Dorling

Inequality and Social Justice: What’s so good about securing greater equality?

2011: Tony Benn

More Time for Politics

2010: Roy Hattersley

Equality, fairness and faith

2009: Richard Wilkinson

“Dysfunctional Societies – why inequality matters”

2008: Anne Owers

“Prison Reform”