The Salter Lectures

Our annual lecture is named after pioneering Quaker Socialists Ada and Alfred Salter, and takes place as part of the programme of Britain Yearly Meeting.

2021 Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge

“Quaker values in South Africa’s Struggle

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2020 No Salter Lecture. Instead there was the first Salter Seminar

in the autumn on Zoom. See Salter Seminars.


2019 Catherine West

“Solutions for a Divided Society”

2018 Diana Jeater

Bearing Witness or Bearing Whiteness?: Britain, Africa and Quakers

2017 Molly Scott Cato MEP

Brexit, Chilcott, and the role of conscience in public life

2016 Lynn Morris

Red Flag over Bermondsey: The Ada Salter Story

2015 Jude Kirton Darling MEP

Trade Deals: realistic concerns or rabble-rousing?

2014 Richard Murphy

Tax Justice: A Quaker’s Concern

2013 Ed Mayo

Raising the sails for when the wind changes

2012 Danny Dorling

Inequality and Social Justice: What’s so good about securing greater equality?

2011 Tony Benn

More Time for Politics

2010 Roy Hattersley

Equality, fairness and faith

2009 Richard Wilkinson

“Dysfunctional Societies – Why Inequality Matters”


2008 Anne Owers

The Work of the Prison Inspectorate”


2007 Dave Feickert

“A Sustainable Future for the Planet – An International Trade Union Perspective”


2006 Phil Shiner

The Iraq War and Occupation: What is at Stake for Civil Society?”


2005 Brian Philips

Without a Vision, the People Perish. What is our Vision?


2004 Jonathan Dale

Where is our Social Testimony Now?


2003 Cliff Marrs

Global Idolatry and the Economics of Sacrifice


2002 Tony Bunyan

The War on Freedom and Democracy


2001 Ian Flintoff

Dumbing Down the Soul


2000 Edouard Dommen

What is Education For?


1999 Peter Challen

The Economics of Friendship


1998 Jeremy Corbyn and Barry Coates

Socialism, Injustice and Poverty


1997 No Salter Lecture (General Election)


1996 Tony Benn

The Alfred Salter Memorial Lecture